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Alright guys, as you can see by the title this is a Rosegal WishList! I bumped into this online store and god, I wished I’ve found it earlier! They have amazing things and the prices are the best! They have literally everything you can imagine, dresses, tops, trousers, shorts, bikinis – I might be in love with a certain high cut bikini, i’ll show you right away – shoes, socks, bags, all type of accessories, honestly girls (and boys) this is the store to go! And they are in SALES right now! So I thought it’d be a good idea to check on some goodies and maybe get some! So if you wanna know all about my favs click the read more button and join me in my shopaholic ride!

Plus, if you read this all, you’ll find a discount code, so, give it a go!

Alright, lets start! I’ve been searching for hours and hours on the website and I must say I’m in love with so many things! But I narrowed it down to a top 5 list!

In first place let me tell you I’m completely obsessed with rompers this summer! And after seeing like a thousand I ended up choosing two, yeah, I couldn’t quite decide on which one I liked the most! Something I’m really impressed with myself is my leaning to blue this season, I don’t know what hit me but I’m in love with all types of blue so I chose these two cutesies. One with lace and a beachier look and the other one it’s a classic ruffle off shoulder on a nautical vibe!

Find this HERE!

Find this HERE!

The next item is something I kind warmed you up for in the beggining, as you know I made a swimwear trend post and as I was working on it and preparing something new I realized I’m missing one of this summer most iconic trends, the Halter Neck Bikini! So, I searched and found this one, it’s a cut out look which I love because that way I can show off my tattoo and it’s green!

Find this HERE!

Next I kind off went with two accessories I really needed, It’s been ages since I wanted to buy some ankle fishnets and the ones I found at Rosegal are just adorable because they gave this tiny bow on the side, obvs I went for black as it is my happy color!

Find this HERE!

The other accessory I really wanted was a pair of Earrings, if you know me you know I’m the type of girl that changes earrings every two months or so because I have 7 holes (this sounds nasty)… Anyway, lately I kind of been changing my ear style a bit and sometimes I put a nice pair to add something to my outfit and completing a look! Plus, it’s summer and I wear my hair up more often so a nice pair of earrings is always a good choice!

Find this HERE!

And that’s it for top 5 wishlist! I must admit I’m really picky but Rosegal just really has it all so it doesn’t really matter your taste, you’ll must definitely find something suitable there! Just be ready to take long whilst searching because they have a lot to offer!

Ohh, and as I promised if you want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?

Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

Time for a new outfit!

Hope you enjoyed this!

Cheers, Cláudia Noversa




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