7 swimwear trends that are taking over this summer!

I know what you all thinking about, Cláudia, what the actual fuck, the summer started ages ago and your putting up a post about summer trends now? Well, you see, my summer started this week, as I said before I finished my degree by the end of June, and because I really needed money to continue my studies next year I jumped right in into a job offer, stayed there for a month and fired myself, it sucked! So, one month later I cometed job suicide, about seven months later since I was an actual blogger and two months after summer really started for most of the people I know, here I am, finally posting about something I have in my mind for three months at least! Sweeties, I’m trying, I swear I am, to be more present here, I got plenty on ideas to write about, I just really need the time to do it, and I might just found some! But lets get back to business! For those of you who haven’t yet started living the summer vibes and are on to be fashionable this season I made a selection of the 7 trend that are in this year! Like last year imma do a series of three posts about this, firstly I will introduce you to the trendsetters launched by Miami Swim Week, the second post will be about store you can find this kind of trends and in the third and final one I’ll be showing you my choices for this summer! So if you wanna know all bout it just stay tuned because here comes the sun and one of my favorite clothing seasons of the year!!!

1 _ Triangle Bikinis

This is the trend that we can call a basic, truth is, triangle bikinis have always been the one thing to keep on our closet, they kind of lost their reputation a couple of years ago when the bra style hit the top sales, I have to admit I myself traded all my triangle tops for bra ones, but since last year triangles have been rising and this year they are the trend to beat! They come in very different styles, from the most basic as you can see in the first picture to a more fashion approach as you can see in the third one. Plus, as all the trends imma present here, they come associated with the trendy looks from this season, ruffles, minimal colors and strings are only three things that you’ll find everywhere this summers, and obviously bikini sets are no exclusion!

Aguaclara                                                     Blue Life                                                           Kai Lani                                                        Luli Fama

Kai Lani                                                       Sinesia Karol                                                        Kai Lani                                                     Kai Lani


2 _ Swimsuits

They are here to stay! A few years ago swimsuits were only seen as sportswear, but because they were kind of cool someone decided to trend trikinis, but these are nothing more then a two piece bikini somehow united by some sort of string or whatever, they don’t even come closer to one piece swimsuits! But one piece swimsuits weren’t very confortable for sun as they were to “big” lets say, so luckily someone pick them up and fashioned them! Last year they entered the top sales, this year they’re back as a trend stronger than ever! In all type of color and shapes, for all types of personalities, from halter necks to deep v necklines, swimsuits are a very important must have this summer! Just like the triangle bikinis, strings and minimal color are the most trendy looks, add cut outs and side details and you’re ready for rockin the beach!

Beach Riot                                                    Blue Life                                                          Blue Life                                                      The Scene


3 _ Crochet

One of the trends for this season, and I’m talking spring/summer, is the use of new textures, so to keep up with fashion swimwear market decided once again to opt for crochet to create new things and new looks. Needless to say there is no best way to texturize then using that hand made feel! They come in all types and shapes and obeying the other trends, you can find crochet swimwear from the triangle look, to the one piece swimsuit! Also, this was already a big hit last summer, this one they just came across new shapes like the off shoulder and halter neck!

 Anna K.


4 _ Bralette Style

Bralettes are the new thing! They conquered intimate clothing already by offering a sexier and more confortable way to use bras, appearing in all type of materials being, obviously, the most popular our dearest friend lace. Well, because the style was such a great hit amongst underwear fans fashion decided to bring it out to the daylight, directly to the sun, and they’re already number one sales item this season! A casual way to expose yourself that comes hand to hand with all the trends, either your can pair it up with normal panties or go for a more fashion statement and use some high waist!

                                       Luli Fama                                                       Blue Life                                                      Beach Riot                                                        The Scene


5 _ Halter Neck

From the sports to the sun, halter necks are already quite popular amongst the dress community, and were very used by sporty girls as they provide a more secure and confortable look for those who like to surf or body board. As many of those presented here, this trend was already giving its first steps last year, consolidating into a proper fashion icon this summer. Obviously it suffered some alterations to become less sporty and more sunbathing appropriate, we’re talking about cut outs, transparencies, new material such as lace and crochet, the use of strings and sometimes ruffles.

Blue Life                                                        Beach Riot                                                    Lee and Lani                                                       Maaji


6 _ Off Shoulder

Again, this is one of those looks that was already trending on dresses, shirts and tops, the off shoulder or mini tee style has become a basic on summer clothing and it was just a matter of time till it became a thing swimwear wise – this year is the year! Many say it isn’t very confortable for swimming and I agree, I mean, you have something holding your arms and that reduces your movement (I’ll speak about that on the third post of the series) but on the other hand, if you’re up fora sun bath, it looks quite cool! Not sure if this trend is gonna stick like others did and last trough future summers, as I see it, it the least likely to survive, but you never now right, all we have to have in mind is that it is a thing this summer! Obvs, as all the other, it comes associated with string looks, and ruffles, the most iconic statement!

Blue Life                                                          Luli Fama                                                      Luli Fama                                                     Sinesia Karol


7 _ High Waist

Last but not least, the retro high waist look! Popular amongst some people since last year, it started with baby steps a couple of year ago but only last year started to be seen as a thing easier to find n stores. This year it finally comes out as a proper trend meaning you can find it almost everywhere. As other styles it suffered some upgrades to be considered more fashionable and here you can find the use of new materials such as lace, crochet and transparencies, the cut side cut outs are also a thing and obvs, the string effetc!

Lee and Lani                                                   Tori Praver                                                          VIX                                                        Lee and Lani

As you saw every picture is marked with the designer, obvs I didn’t attend to Miami Swim Week in person but found all about it at FUNKSHION so all the pictures are from there! You can see the site and browse the rest of the collections here! So, to finish this first trend post I just wanna emphasize a few things about the looks I’ve been talking about! I just present you the 7 most popular looks you’ll find this summer, but you need to know that what really makes the looks fashionable isn’t the shape itself (halter neck, triangle, whatever) but the way those shapes are styled! Therefore, keep in mind the most fashionable trends this year are

  • Ruffles, all types, from one to three layers or more, short, long, located or all over!
  • Minimal Colors, obvs some patterns are in, like the leafs one, but whats hitting sales is color block earthy colors such as greens, yellows, browns and so what!
  • Cut Outs are the thing to have, either on your panties or tops, bust most popularly on one piece swimsuits, being the sides the best option to put them!
  • Strings are the thing to have this summer, either in a lace up look or completing a triangle bikini, panties with them are also very popular, not o mention swimsuits with side lace up string!
  • Patterns, last but not least, color block is the new thing, but obviously patterns are never forgotten, therefore there are two this year hitting the sales, as I said before, the leaf pattern is the most wanted one (I myself surrendered) in its typical color – green, but it’s not the only one, like past years Stripes are the best option for summer styles, the navy look is never out of date!

There you have it for 17′ Summer Trends, I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll be back soon with a list of stores you can find the perfect fit for you!

Cheers, Cláudia!

2 thoughts on “7 swimwear trends that are taking over this summer!

  1. These swim wears are all beautiful.

    Cant wait to rock some of them.

  2. Acho que este é dos anos que temos mais variedade nas tendências de swimwear.
    Que variedade incrível.
    Acho sem dúvida que os fatos de banho este ano estão a bombar 🙂


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