obsessing with tulle!

Guess who’s back with the outfit category! That’s right, ME! So this is sort of an out of date update on what I’ve been obsessing about lately- tule skirts! I found myself in love with these skirts when winter sales kicked in and bought two in a row thinking about both winter and summer, and because winter is way gone I’m here to talk to you about the hotter one I got! This midi green piece of love! I’ve been pairing it up with various different looks but this one is probably my fav, it’s sort of a messy look that goes with any occasion! As you can see by the pictures I chose a more rustic kinda country background to show you my baby and what I love the most about this shoot is how the color on the skirt changes when I change the side of the scenario I’m in, sometimes it looks greener, other it looks brownier, how awesome is that! A two toned skirt, depending on the sun and on what you wear it with, the skirt changes! But that’s not what made me fall in love with it, I mean, I surely tend to pick green things, but what caught my eye was the fact that it was tulle! I knew it was going to be a thing this year so I thought, why not!

As I said, I ended up buying another one, more wintery, black and gold, and that summed up my winter sales! But girls, you know there’s only one thing I love more than winter sales, Summer Sale! That’s right, I lost my mind again and this time went for dresses! But I’ll leave that to another post about my sales haul! All you need to know now is I’m obsessed with tulle things, they’re so cool and so casual chic, you can wear a dress like the one I bought to the beach and right after add some heels and you’re ready for a summer date! With that said, you can check my latest tulle outfits on my IG, as I’ve had two events already where I wore two strapless tulle dresses, and guess what, I’m having another one this weekend, and I think I’ going for the tulle look again! But before leaving you with the rest of the pictures from the green skirt I wanna talk to you a bit about styling a tulle piece, it is not easy, the main problem being combining fabrics, you see, tulle is a lot to sync in when in comes to an outfit, and is probably one of the hardest fabrics to pair, you can’t go with anything too shiny, nothing that looks like tulle, never use lace unless it is a small detail, and don’t ever try to go tulle on tulle! If you have a one piece dress with tulle all over, that’s perfectly fine, but if you have a skirt and try to combine it with a tulle top that the perfect reason for disaster, it will be too much and look too all over the place! My advice is, wear plain fabrics, like cotton or wool blouses, with a skirt like mine, go for more plane looks, don’t wear out the color, the tulle is the master piece of the outfit, build the rest of it around it! Don’t go for embroidery and watch out the sparkle and shinny things! Remember, dress for yourself and not others and always be at your best!

Skirt _ Stradivarius
Top _ C&A
Sneakers _ Nike

I just wanna say this was a super funny day, I went to shoot an exhibition and ended up being a model, needless to say, it was great for content!

See you soon for more news! Lets make this world fashionable!


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