the reason why I stopped writing and the comeback!


First off all, welcome! If this is the first time you read me, go up there and save this page because I promise you it’s going to be worth it! If you’re an usual reader, I’m so deeply sorry for my absence! There will be some changes here, but I’ll get to it in a second, firstly, I need to explain why I stopped writing which should be an easy task to do but for some reason I haven’t been able to provide any explanation, and so I decided that instead of making excuses, I’ll just tell you my story!

Hi! I’m Cláudia (thanks captain obvious) and I’m officially a Fashion Designer and that sweeties, is the ultimate reason why I stopped writing, not just here, everywhere! You probably be thinking, you’re not the only one in college, a lot of us do it and still are able to conciliate both things, well, props to you! I truly admire you! But the thing with me, the thing with being a passion fucking fruit is that, either I’m 100% sure I can provide good content consistently, or I might as well not do it at all. That’s why I stopped trying, at the beggining I tried to make an effort, but I went from my formal three posts a week, to two, than one every two weeks.. It wasn’t an easy choice to make but I had to do it, uni was taking to much of my time and I decided to concentrate on one thing at each time, and this was my last year so things were pretty hard! I’ll explain, as I was graduating in Fashion, our final project consisted in making a group collection, digitally and physically, meaning me and five more friends had to prospect an entire collection from scratch, since drawing it, to establishing a marketing strategy, to actually prototype it and present it in a proper runway and trust me guys it ain’t easy. Well, it was quite handy, and even more stressful! Probably the most stressful thing I ever done in my life! There were a lot of tears, lots of arguments, loads and loads of bad nights, I lost way too much sleep and way too much happiness, because of this I decided I’m not gonna make this my life, I always knew I can’t handle stress in a good way, but this project was the ultimate struggle, I have to thank my boyfriend for keeping up with me! Seriously, that boy is a god, I couldn’t deal with myself if I met me! But continuing, other than this project I had about five or six more individual ones, plus exams, plus a part time job, and honestly, there’s a limit for what I can do so I had to start giving up on things. First thing I gave up, nights out, can’t remember last time I went out and partied my ass off! Second thing, gym, and god knows how I love my workout! Considering I stopped going out I kind of gave up on my social life and it got to a point where I spent my entire time working or studying, the only moments I had to myself I spent them trying to keep my relationship… Eventually, I had to give up on writing.. not only I didn’t have enough time to pay proper attention to my words, but also, due to all the stress, my words stopped making sense, my creativity vanished and so did my enthusiasm. Between inner and outer battles I managed to end all my projects and the degree! I must say I’m proud of me, not for being graduated, but for not giving up, god knows how many times I thought about it. I said this on my IG (@claudianoversa) and I think it’s appropriate to repeat it here, this should me a much happier moment than it actually is and I remember saying the exact same thing the moment I found out I got in. Don’t get me wrong,fashion is my ultimate love, but for some reason I don’t feel part of it. This feeling has crossed my mind a few times and the moment it was more difficult to deal with it was by the time the collection I helped construct got in the runway… Huge apology to my co workers but the truth is I was not excited,  I was not enthusiastic, I felt absolutely nothing! Lies, I felt like i didn’t belong there. It were some really though times, but I got through and it’s done! It’s a wrap, collection is ready, presented, and the degree is done! I made it, I should be proud and happy, I’m not. Not sure why, but it’s been a long time since the last one I was really excited about a project, ohh well, I think you get it why I stopped writing which, by the end of the day, is the most important thing I wanted to share on these words. Btw, you can see the collection here or here.

Moving on… I’m back! Taaa Daaa! And the best part is, I’m finally excited about something! Yeiii! As I said before there are some changes to be made! By the time this post is out some of it won’t be out yet, but they’ll come! I’m changing the logo, need a new image, but that’s a long time thing as I’m planning on getting professional help for that! Second important thing, and that you can already see, I’ll, from now on, post only in english! The only portuguese posts will be if I ever get back on writing poetry or if it’s really necessary! Third thing, I’ll try and be more fashionly active, meaning I’ll try and have more outfit posts, trends and stuff! I also am resuscitating the favorites category, but probably in a different tone, still working on that! I will also be posting my personal work either it is fashion or photography related, or both! I will also try to figure out how I can send out signed copies of my book for those who want to purchase it from me instead of other sites. And for now, I honestly think it’s all! Still not sure how active I’m gonna be, two or three posts a week, but I promise I’ll be active!

And that’s it, I’m back! And I’m so happy to be back! I’ll leave you with some photos of my graduation, and although I did tis personally, I wanna think my family for all the support, and ultimately, for believing in me! I hope you guys are proud, hopefully onde day I’ll be too..

These are my co workers, my fav’ designers!

And this is us by the end of our runway!

Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Muitos parabéns <3

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