the perks of being a passion fruit #5


You’re used to read about something special in this column, either a trip or a new adventure, today it’s going to be a bit different, I’m here simply to let some things out, things regarding my absence and my lack of writing… As I did on my last post I wanna start for apologizing to ya’ll, as I made a commitment to this blog and to you and I haven’t been able to live up to it lately… Trust me, it’s quite hurtful for me as well noticing what I’m doing, or to be more precise, what I’m not doing and that’s why I’m here, to try and say an honest sorry and to try and explain what’s been happening. I know nothing I can say can be used as an excuse, many other girls have busy lives and go on with their blogs, I intend to do the absolute same thing, it just has been a bit difficult these last couple of months as I’m still adapting to a new style of life…

Alright, without further ado lets begin with the explanations! First of all, as some of you may now I’m in college, it’s my last year, therefore the worst regarding work! And as if it wasn’t enough, I’m taking Fashion Design and Marketing, which means plenty of practical work… You see, the first two years I’ve been overwhelmed with theory and this last year it’s all about putting that to practice. I’ve been working my ass off designing collections, both clothes and accessories, and obviously bringing those to life, and that my dears, takes a lot of time! At the beggining, in septemeber and even october, I was totally able to conciliate everything, I usually woke up in the morning, went to classes, worked on my projects after lunch, took some photos and at night I’d spend some time processing and planing my blog and my work for classes. Besides that routine, I’d also try and exercise almost everyday, either with a run or a walk, but things started crawling down when work started to augment because I’m the type of person who loves to do things through night and as I had to wake up at eight am every morning, it didn’t take long till my body colapse.. That’s when I joined gym and instead of working the entire evening I’d go and exercise for an hour mid ways. Things got back to its tracks as I started going to bed early, but then, because this year takes a lot of economic investment, I had to find a job, and that’s when things got complicated.. I started working two nights a week, leaving only the evenings for school projects and the blog and exercise. Photo shoots immediately diminished… and as work increased I stopped going to the gym (I used to do three weekly workouts, that were cut to two and then none) hopping to have more time to the other things… College and the blog were always my priorities, but as money became an issue (remember I don’t go to school in my hometown, and I don’t live with my parents during the week) I had to choose, and as much as it hurts I had to put the blog a bit aside, so many times I had things to write, I planed entire posts on my head, but time wasn’t my friend and unfortunately I had to leave them there, in thoughts…

I must say I’m quite unhappy with the way things are, never in a million years I thought it’d be so difficult to have time to do everything I want to, and even cutting some things off it’s not working… I gave up my personal life for some time but being 100% focused on my work just got me to a stressful place again, I’m trying to gain it back again now… I gave up gym, but truth is I can’t function without exercise so this january I have to get back on track! I gave up writing, but lets be honest, there’s nothing I love most than putting everything into words so here I am, apologizing for being away, and promising I’m going to do my best to be more present! Fashion posts are gonna be back, I’m going to show you a bit of my work, my personal life is also gonna have some appearances as you’re already used to, we’ll have food, music, books, and who knows, I might even bring some new things! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me talking about! I’ll try and get the old Passion Fruit back, and make the most of 2017!

I can only add one more apologize for what’s been going on, and try and promise it’ll be different from now on! Today it’s monday and there’s a post out, meaning this week we’ll be back at the old structure! And hopefully it’ll last through time! So see you next wednesday with, maybe, a special post, because it’s Christmas time, and I might have some new things to show you!

Love ya!

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