the perks of being a passion fruit #4


Word has it that passion fruits are natural weirdos, combine that with being a native aries and you have a complete freak! But the problem is you’re not allowed to be a freak in just one life category, you have to embrace it and be it in every single thing you do, all your living days, in sickness and health, good or bad times, until death do you apart! Honestly, it is not that bad, you just have to enjoy the most of things and take it light, but if like me you have friends that are constantly telling you how big of a freak you are because of things you decide to do that are actually meant to be fun, at least for you/me, then you’re probably fucked up! But don’t worry, if you can handle your weirdness, you can handle your friends, just be you and eventually they’ll stop questioning your choices, trust me, it works! As you might already got it I’m going to talk to you today about a choice I made, two if we think about it properly.

But before I get to business I’m going to give you some background, lets start by saying I’m a fit kind of girl, I watch what I eat and I try to exercise daily in order to keep my mind and body healthy. But like everyone I have problems, when I was 15 years old I distended my knee tendon and it never got to its perfect shape, something that made me give up on some things I really loved such as dancing… Since then my left knee continuously gave me some headaches every time I “over exercise” and to top that last december I twisted my ankle, my left ankle! It is to think the universe doesn’t want me to keep on exercising but after three long months on recovering I slowly got back on track. I wasn’t able to run so I jog instead, I couldn’t ride a bicycle for more than 10 to 15 minutes so I worked localized areas of my body at a time, and I couldn’t make my training to long so I try and make them daily. It took me about three months again but finally I got closer to where I was before the injury, since mid june I walk about 10 km each day and still do some localized training. Another special feature about us aries and passion fruits is that we don’t like to be closed, either it is on our minds or a place, and I’m no exception, I don’t like going to the gym so I work out outside, it’s fresher and funnier! And know lets talk about my first choice, because I’m a passionate jogger I decided to sign for a 50 km walk/hike during night. So far so good, I’ve done it once and I had no problem, but that was before my ankle and it’s been three years of forcing my knee, but because I was on track again I went for it – here starts that friend problem I told you about before as some of mine decided I was the stupidest person on hearth to do this and walk for 9 hours, lucky me some others were quite supportive and though I was a bit reluctant and afraid of some sort of surprise from my knee they encouraged me to just do it. “You’re a fit person and you’re in perfect shape, that’ll be a piece of cake” they said…

First 10 km were perfect, lost of fun, my legs perfectly functional and the night, oh the night was amazing, a sky full of stars, warm weather, everything seemed to be great and off for a good start. It was only after we first stopped to have a snack I noticed something was wrong, soon as my leg cool off I felt like if someone just pinched my knee with needles so I used a spray to relax the muscles and gt back to the walk. The next km started good but as the time went by my legs just began to shut down, it was like they went on auto pilot and my brain had no power over them, I wanted to walk faster and keep up with everyone but I just couldn’t because my legs grew their own brain and were walking simply because they knew they had to move. After a while the pain came and along with it my aunt and a forced pill, I hate taking drugs to help me keep moving but the truth is I wasn’t ready to give up and I had to do something. But as I expected the pill made absolutely nothing and I was slowing down every step, I didn’t want to stop, and here comes another feature of us aries, we are the most stubborn people alive! We don’t get into things to test the waters, we go into them to make the waves, and again, I am no exception. At a certain point someone noticed I was in a bit of suffer and offered me some muscle cream, I had to stop for a bit and my aunt started pushing me on giving up! After putting the cream it took a bit until it sorted something out and whilst dealing with the pain and people telling me to give up some tears role down my face, I was half way there and I am no quitter! Either I go for it or I don’t go at all!

My aunt was telling me it was no shame to give up, it happens, people get hurt, and it wasn’t like I hadn’t a strong reason to do it, but for some reason the idea of stopping and not completing the entire course got me pretty ashamed and I didn’t want to live with that guilt. It was when she told me to stop just for one stage to get some rest my knee magically stopped hurting, and I had just a few km left to decide if I was going to stop for one stage or not. As we got to the next stop I had it in my mind, I’m all for it, I’m not gonna stop even if it costs me my knee, I asked the lady with the cream if I could use some more and we kept on going. About one hour and a half later we stopped again to eat, you cannot imagine how hurtful it was when my knee cooled off and still I choose to keep going. Most people thought I should’ve stopped early to rest and here comes the part where again I have people telling how stupid I was to insist with my “broken knee”.

A little bit more of that magic lotion on my muscles and tendons and I was ready to go, I wasn’t gonna quit now, or never, I just couldn’t bear the disappointment. The worst was yet to come, the last km involved climbing a mountain and hiking it down. Getting to the top was easy as we were forced to walk slowly. giving the circumstances, but when we started going down shit got serious, it had been about 8 hours of walking and all my muscles were already dying. It is to think that descend is easier but the amount of force you have to use to keep your body straight up is absurd, especially in the middle of a mountain! The pain instantly got back and there was nothing I could do to stop it, at least I was there, I didn’t give up and all I had to do was keep my legs working for a bit more. I eventually finished, about some more than 9 hours later, a night up I finally saw the end of it!

I’m not gonna lie, it was a rough journey, but it were 50 km of pure joy! To get to climb the mountain is one of the most incredible experiences ever because it ain’t any mountain, it’s Gerês, one of the most beautiful places we have in portugal! To get on top of it feels like the best victory lap! To see the sunrise, is amazing! There are no existing words that could describe the sensation and the beauty of that view, phenomenal it a great word, but is no where near the truth! Word has it that my knee got worse after that but I’ll figure a way to live with that, I’m not gonna let my injuries shape my way of life – it was hurtful but so worth it! And so you can have a sense of what i saw to make this journey worthy I’m gonna leave with some images!


Because preparation is one of the most important things, I had to bind my feet to prevent any damages, choose the right shoes, right clothing, right food, etc..


This sunrise…


This view is just magic, there are no words to describe! I love it here!


Feels like I’m on top of the world!


Besides the pain it felt really good and I’m happy I didn’t gave up.


I’m honestly looking forward to do it again next year!


Be back soon!

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