he was beautiful


He was beautiful, but not like those bad boys on television, not like those pumped guys in magazines, no! He was beautiful for the way he thought. He was beautiful for the way he hugged and held my entire world in his arms. He was beautiful for the sparkle in his eyes when he talked and chattered about something he loved. He was beautiful for his ability to make me smile even if I was the saddest person alive. He was beautiful for his words and for his aptitude to captivate me with his speech. He was beautiful for his capacity to take me away from my problems with his dialogue. He was beautiful for his slightly loud laugh and his faintly bad mood. In my eyes, he was beautiful with every single flaw he could point on himself. He was simply stunning because he wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as his looks, no! He was beautiful deep down to his soul…

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  1. Holy Toodel, so glad I clicked on this site first!

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