the perks of being a passion fruit #1


Being a passion fruit isn’t always easy, the thing is you’re both sweet and acid and sometimes you can’t choose which one to be, you just go with whatever! One day you’re the nicest person on earth, the next morning you wanna kill everyone, and in worst case scenario you’re both in the same day, with only seconds of difference! Don’t get me wrong, we’re not bipolar, we just live each second at time and each and every single one is different.

I’m sure there are plenty of passion fruits out there, plenty of you who just like me feel the urge to be always functioning, doesn’t matter if it’s in a good way or in a bad and dysfunctional manner, the important thing is not stopping. And that often leads to a problem called overthinking! That my friends, is probably my biggest flaw, the one and only every single person I met ends up pointing at me! For 20 years I lived with that problem and in all of those I wished my brain had a switch off button!

Being a natural over thinker I had to develop some tactics to get my mind off things because that’s a real problem. Once your brain won’t stop it can lead you to the most fascinating places, but trust me, it’ll also lead you to your darkest side where you’ll start questioning about everything and without short notice you end up in bed crying a river for no reason! You don’t even remember why you started, all you know is that you don’t know a god damn thing and you can’t even understand why you were born. It happens to everybody!

Obviously I’m sort of exaggerating things here so let’s get back to the part where you have to keep your brain out of something! My escape route for those days is exercising! In fact I try to exercise everyday now in order to prevent my mind from going to certain places, I’ve been there and I don’t intend to go there again, not even to pay a visit. So I walk, I run, I do whatever it takes to make me sweat, because in some weird way completely exhausting myself is the most fun part of my day!

I started this project with a friend of mine, we haven’t actually named it properly, we refer to it as a fit project, but it’s more of a mind fit instead of a body fit thing. Basically we go for a walk/run around the city every day after school, it helps us relax and keep focused! And I just found out it’s a great way to bond with someone, you end up meeting new places, even though it’s just streets, and that time we spent together we discuss so many topics it kind of gets us closer to each other. As I just said, we exercise our mind and our body!

We went out yesterday and it was great as always! This project is really helping me get on track in every aspect of my life, this passion fruit here has been through a lot and still has a long journey ahead but I think I’ll get there, eventually, step by step! I’ll leave you with some pictures of this adventure, forgive the quality! And I’ll be back soon with more of my stupid talking, because that’s one of the perks of being a passion fruit, we’re natural weirdos, but we like it that way.




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